Spell Your Name Workout – The Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast at Home!

Looking for a fancy and interesting way to pump up your workout routine? We give you an easy workout plan, and the best thing about it is that you need minimal equipment.

Have you ever heard of the “Spell Your Name Workout?” It’s nothing hard or demanding. Just do the exercises under the letters of your name. For extra kick, do your last name, too or  your dogs name, your partners name–mix it up!

It’s a fun way to socialize, so invite a few friends over, and enjoy toning your body.

A: 50 Jumping Jacks
B: 20 Crunches
C: 30 Squats
D: 15 Push-Ups
E: 20 Lunges
F: 12 Burpees
G: 20 Bicep Curls
H: 20 Jump Squats
I: 30 Mt. Climbers
J: 30 High Knees
K: 50 Squats
L: 40 Bicycle Crunches
M: 10 Burpees
N: 100 Jump Ropes
O: 50 Jumping Jacks
P: 25 Crunches
Q: 20 Push Ups
R: 20 Jump Squats
S: 20 Lunges
T: 20 Full Sit-Ups
U: 50 Jump Ropes
V: 30 Mt. Climbers
W: 50 High Knees
X: 20 Wide Grip Push-Ups
Y: 25 Squats
Z: 10 Burpees

Do three repetitions of each.